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This website (hereinafter called "the site") is managed by Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Sekisui Chemical") or its representatives. Make sure to read the following terms of use when using the site, and use only if you agree to the terms.

Further, the site contains links to other websites managed by Sekisui Chemical and related companies. If using these other sites, note that it is necessary to agree to the terms of use described therein.

1.Use Prohibitions

When using the site, the following actions are prohibited.

  1. Actions that violate either a third party's or Sekisui Chemical's assets, or privacy, etc., or actions that risk such violation.
    E.g.: Actions to upload or use computer viruses or other malware.
  2. Malicious actions such as altering the site, or using the site as a springboard.
  3. Actions of false declarations and notifications, such as registering another person's e-mail address.
  4. Actions that damage the reputation or trust of a third party or Sekisui Chemical.
  5. Any other actions that violate laws, ordinances, or regulations, or actions that risk doing so.
  6. Any other actions that Sekisui Chemical judges to be unsuitable.


Information such as illustrations, photos, and documents, etc., supplied by Sekisui Chemical (hereinafter called the "content") is protected by the copyright law of each country, treaties, and other laws. Copying or diverting without authorization is prohibited.

Customers downloading the content of this site to their PC, etc., is judged to be "reproduction for private use", which is recognized by copyright law. However, use of the downloaded content is restricted to the customer themselves and their families. Once downloaded, enabling use by a third party such as a company exceeds this scope regardless of whether or not it is for commercial purposes, and so is prohibited. Further, Sekisui Chemical does not cede any copyright, patent rights, trademark rights, or any other intellectual property rights concerning the content to the customer.

3.Trademark Rights

he commercial names, trademarks, and logos ( "SEKISUI", "Sekisui Heim", "Heim", "Two-U Home", etc.) for Sekisui Chemical, related companies, and third parties displayed on this site are protected by commercial law, trademark law, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and other laws. They may not be used without the express permission of the rights holder.


Cookies may be stored as files on the customer's HDD and used to send small-scale information to the customer's browser to enable more convenient browsing of the site when the Sekisui Chemical site is revisited.

Further, depending on your browser settings, it is possible to refuse to accept cookies or to display warnings when a cookie is received.


The site safely exchanges information that has been entered such as data requests from customer using an encryption method called SSL (Secure Socket Layer).


Customers who Desire Links
Our site is open-link. It is OK to create direct links to any page provided the use prohibitions are observed. Further, if a link is created, it is not necessary to contact Sekisui Chemical.
The contents, including URL links, are subject to change without notice due to site reconfiguration. Consequently, even if a link has been created, there is no assurance that such URL links will continue in perpetuity or that the contents of a link will be preserved in line with the customer's wishes.

Browsing Customer
The contents of third-party websites other than those of Sekisui Chemical that contain links to this site (hereinafter called "link sites") are not controlled by Sekisui Chemical. Sekisui Chemical is not responsible for the contents of link sites, not for any damages caused by use of those sites.
Further, the fact that a link to this site exists does not mean that Sekisui Chemical endorses use of the link sites, or any products, services, or companies, etc., described in the link sites, nor does it mean that there is any special relationship between Sekisui Chemical and the link sites.


ekisui Chemical pays careful attention to the information on this site. Nevertheless, Sekisui Chemical does not make any assurances regarding the cessation of functions, the occurrence of errors, or the correction of defects, nor the existence of computer viruses or other malware on the site or its servers, nor for the text and contents of the site. Even if, by any chance, a customer is harmed by using this information, or their own use is disabled, by using this site, Sekisui Chemical shall bear no responsibility. Please note this carefully.

Sekisui Chemical may change the information on this site without notice. Further, the operation of this site may be suspended or canceled. Please note this carefully.

Further, Sekisui Chemical shall bear no responsibility for any reason for any damages occurring as a result of changes to the information, or the suspension or cancellation of this site operations.

March 2005